Praise For Radiant Life Chiropractic

Words of gratitude.

“At Radiant Life, they focus on the body/mind/spirit connection, which I have found to be incredibly helpful as I work towards cultivating and maintaining a sense of balance in my own busy life. It is remarkable how much more at ease I feel leaving Radiant Life after an adjustment. I feel more grounded and have greater confidence in my own abilities to manage whatever curve balls life might throw at me next. I highly recommend Radiant Life, if you are struggling with pain or wanting to feel more at ease in your own life.”  

-Elena H.

“This chiropractic is different from any that I’ve experienced before. It’s multidimensional.”

-Cassie W., graphic designer

“Life can be physically and mentally challenging.  Dr Dannielle adjusts more than my spine; she also adjusts my Spirit. Over the years she has helped me with pain in my back, neck, knees and rotator cuff. And at the first sign of migraine I’m off to her office. Regardless of where the pain rears its ugly head, I’ve come to appreciate my weekly attitude adjustments.”

-Amy B., Owner of Edison Grainery

“Dr Dannielle is my Fairy Godmother. No matter what’s going on when I arrive, I feel better when I leave.”

-Gina W., oncology nurse

“After years of keeping my scoliosis in check with yoga and swimming, injuries to my arm and ankle resulted in sciatica pain that brought me to Radiant Life Chiropractic over 10 years ago. After just 2 or 3 adjustments, my pain was transformed; I could even jog again! I already knew regular adjustments made it possible to avoid daily pain- something I never thought possible before. So when I got pregnant at age 42, bi-weekly adjustments were a no brainer. They supported me as my body changed and my baby grew. Dr. Dannielle’s training in the Webster method even helped him turn head down, making the vaginal birth that I’d hoped for possible.”

-Jessie Warner

“Dr Dannielle’s adjustments played a significant role in preparing me for a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).”

-Pamela A.

“I went into surgery for a minor procedure and woke up hours later bruised and stunned to discover that they’d done a total hysterectomy. They’d found uterine cancer while inside. In my shock, I disconnected from the lower half of my body. I felt like they had taken my womanhood. When I started seeing Dr Dannielle a few years later, she helped me reconnect with my pelvis and to feel strong and stable again. I didn’t even realize how much it had affected me. The safety I felt with her allowed feelings to come to the surface and be released. I’m grateful to be more connected to my body again.”

– Anonymous

“My son had a very difficult birth, and has some mild sensory processing issues. I mentioned this to Dr. Dannielle during one of my visits and she suggested that he come in for a consultation. My (five year old) son felt comfortable with her right away and got a series of adjustments. After he was adjusted, I noticed that he was able to walk more steadily, and could run with more stability and confidence.”

-Elena H 

“What’s unique about Dr. Dannielle is her combined mastery of technique and touch. This combined attunement is not only a rare gift but a reflection of her commitment to her practice: she’s actively engaged in her own continuing education and in educating others.

On the table, I’m so appreciative of her ability to patiently stay present with what’s available for change. I love how her approach supports me in staying aligned with what can change in the moment, as opposed to getting caught up in what I want or expect to change. Often I notice what can change as a gentle, slow, full-body unwinding. This feeling is deeply reassuring: it reminds me, in an embodied way, that we do in fact live in a continuous state of flux and adjustment.

I’m also really appreciative of the subtle shifts I notice upon leaving her office. Sometimes the sky is a deeper color blue or the sound of the quiet waves at the nearby beach become more pronounced and resonant with my own inner experience. For me working with Dr. Dannielle is a beautiful reminder that we are tending the mind when we support the body.”

– Kesha Fikes, Ph.D., Somatic Bodyworker & Movement Therapist

“I first came to Radiant Life after suffering a nasty fall onto my tailbone in 2010. My fall was so bad that I had numbness in my legs, I knew I couldn’t just “wait this one out” like my primary MD had suggested. I had seen a few chiropractors in the past to treat my chronic low back pain and sciatica during my pregnancy, but I have never felt more comfortable than I do with Dr. Dannielle. After my initial visit, I felt relief from my acute pain immediately. Her technique is slightly different than the other chiropractors I had seen, and I recall leaving her office feeling lighter and much less stressed in addition to my body feeling more balanced.”

-Elena H.

“When I got a cancer diagnosis, western medicine saved my life. Radiant Life has helped me to heal from the effects of western medicine. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy damaged my colon and left me depleted. I was left with chronic constipation and painfully constricted bowels that I was told I had to live with. Drs Ron and Dannielle have provided me a better quality of life over the past seven years. Considering how long it took me to get colon cancer, it’s a short investment for being a happy camper.”

Tom White, visual artist


3111 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

(510) 523-1221


Radiant Life Chiropractic

BGI Master: Dr Dannielle is one of 21 doctors in the world who have completed a 180 hour postdoctoral Master’s Certification in Bio-Geometric Integration.

ICPA Member: Dr Dannielle has completed a 200 hour postdoctoral course in Pediatric & Family Wellness offered by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association & has contributed to their Practice Based Research Network.

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