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High performance refers to the miracles you accomplish everyday like meeting a deadline or just getting dinner on the table (even if it’s take-out 😉).

Daily stress can build up and move us from a state of balance to dis-ease (lack of ease), the precursor to most illness.

Chiropractic increases clarity, flexibility and ease in the communication pathways of the body which allows your body’s self-healing processes to flourish.


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Chiropractic allows your body’s self-healing processes to flourish by unwinding daily stress that can build up and move us into a state of imbalance.


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Radiant Life Chiropractic

BGI Master: Dr Dannielle is one of 21 doctors in the world who have completed a 180 hour postdoctoral Master’s Certification in Bio-Geometric Integration.

ICPA Member: Dr Dannielle has completed a 200 hour postdoctoral course in Pediatric & Family Wellness offered by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association & has contributed to their Practice Based Research Network.

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